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The Remote Management Portal allows you to remotely monitor deployed home hubs, and it has an alert functionality to notify you when your deployed hubs for studies go offline.


To start using the Remote Management Portal: 

Go to; You will need a Microsoft ID to sign in. If this is the first time you're using the portal, you'll need to register for an org ID.



The org ID will be the unique identifier for your organization, and once you put this ID on a home hub, the heartbeat of this hub will show up on the hub status page on the portal (To learn more about how to set org ID on a hub, see Getting Started guide). A heartbeat is a ping sent from a home hub to the LoT monitoring services in the cloud.  

Hub Status

On the Hub Status, you can see the heartbeats from your deployed home hubs.

Note that the hubs are grouped by Study ID, this allows you to monitor multiple studies remotely.

For each monitored hub, you can see more detailed information about the hub by clicking on the Details link.

Hub Details page gives you information about a deployed home hub's date/time of the last heartbeat, performance, versioning information on drivers, apps, scouts as well as the platform.

Study Alerts

You can set up alerts so you will get email notifications when your deployed hubs go offline. 

To set up alerts:

  • Go to Alerts from the top navigation.
  • Click on the Add Alert button
  • Fill in the information for the alert 
    • Study ID: Each alert is set up at the study level. This means whenever a hub that is part of the study you are setting the alert for goes down an email notification is sent. On a home hub, the Study ID is set in the StudyId field in settings.xml. If you don't set the Study ID, it is "Default" by default.
    • Alert Type: There is only one type right now
    • Enable: This checkbox has to be checked for the alert to be active. Uncheck to deactivate.
    • Check Interval: This tells the system how often to check for whether the hubs are online. For example, if you set this to 5 (minutes), the heartbeats of the hubs will be checked every 5 minutes - and if any of the hubs is down, an email will be sent.
    • Description: The description of the alert.     
    • Email ID: The email address for the recipient of the notification.   
    • Subject: The subject field for the notification email
    • Message: You can add some text which will go into the body of the email notification




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