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Lab of Things was designed to let researchers update deployed hubs home remotely. Conceptually, Home Hubs check an online repository for updates and download new binaries and configuration files when appropriate. For an overview of how remote update works please see this page

Remote Update has these steps:

1. Setup a secure FTP site to host your updates.
2. Configure settings on the home hub to check for updates
3. Use the LoT Update Manager to upload new binaries and remotely update hubs.

Secure FTP site

For hosting binaries of modules, scouts and platform, a secure ftp site needs to be set up.
Then, create a ftp account that has write and create directory permissions to the root of the site. When you use the Update Manager to upload binaries to the repository, it will need this account to create the folder hierarchy.

Remote Update Settings on Home Hub

The location of the secure ftp site you have setup needs to be configured in two places in the code you deploy on Home Hubs.  

1. In Settings.xml

RepositoryURI’s parameter is used for updating modules and configurations. Settings.xml is located in the Config directory: <Param name = “RepositoryURIs” Value=”<directory on your ftp site>”

2. In Watchdog.txt

Watchdog is a service that monitors whether the HomeOS platform is running and restarts it as necessary. Watchdog is located in the output\watchdog folder. Two parameters in the Watchdog.txt configuration file, “Check for Updates” and the UpdateUri determine if Watchdog checks for updates and if so where. Note, the default for Check for Updates is “false.”

The line in watchdog.txt that specifies these parameters has this format (which you will see in the file)

#format: ProcessName;ExeDir (can be relative to watchdog);ExeName;nSecondsRunDelay;checkForUpdates;UpdateUri;Args (optional);LogUrl

 After configuring checkForUpdates and UpdateUri it should look something like this:


Note, that you will replace with the location of your secure ftp repository, something like:

Using LoT Update Manager

LoT Update Manager is a GUI for updating your deployed home hubs remotely. With your secure ftp site set up and your hubs configured, the next step is to set up the LoT Update manager. Then you can remotely update modules and scouts, configurations, and the core platform. For more information about and how to use the tool, please see LoT Update Manager GUI page.  

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