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Develop your Lab of Things projects with Visual Studio Express 2013 (Windows Desktop edition)

Jul 9, 2014 at 10:34 PM
Many of you may not have the professional version of Visual Studio as it has been required in order to work with the source code. We are happy to announce we have made some changes to the solution so you can now use VS Express 2013 for Windows Desktop to work with the LoT code.

Note this has only been tested in VS Express 2013 Windows Desktop edition - we recommend you pick this version and edition. You can download it here:

Once you've downloaded and installed VS Express, here are the steps to get your LoT solution working:
  • Start VS Express as administrator
  • When you load the solution in VS Express you will get a message about the project type of DashboardWeb and MetadataServer is supported. This is expected. You can hit OK to continue.
  • Then you'll be prompted to Upgrade VC++ Compiler and Libraries for the WebCamLib and SmartRecorder projects. This is also expected. Press OK and continue
  • Build the solution
  • Copy the Hub\Dashboard\DashboardWeb dir to under _\Hub\output\binaries\Platform_
  • Now you can either debug in VS Express, or run HomeOS in the command prompt (\hub\output\startplatform.bat; be sure to start the command prompt as administrator)