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New release

Mar 15, 2014 at 12:53 AM
Edited Mar 15, 2014 at 1:08 AM
Hi everyone,

We have just checked in a new release of the code. We recommend you get the latest source as there are some big additions and fixes in the feature areas of DataStore (Bolt) and remote update; documentation coming soon for both.

Here's a summary of main changes:
  • Major enhancements and bug fixes to the DataStore (Bolt) system, and a tool (Hub\Common\Bolt\Tools\DataExportUI) for exporting data from Bolt to a .csv file
  • The Update Manager tool (/Hub/Tools/Update/UpdateManager) to allow remote update of platform, configuration (/Config/*.xml), modules and scouts.
  • Updated Watchdog for remote update of platform (you have to use this latest version of Watchdog in order to update platform remotely)
  • Added support for Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter
  • Platform, modules and scouts can now report version information via heartbeat. See the Details page of each hub in the Remote Management Portal. Note: the version information takes a few minutes to be populated to the cloud.
  • Added BLE Proximity driver
  • Enhancements made to Role.cs to support reporting of battery level for z-wave sensor. (The code in the HomeOS z-wave driver has been updated as well. I will reach out to those who have requested the driver before with a new location for the driver. If you haven't but would like to request for the driver please send an email to
  • Other bug fixes
Let us know if you have questions or see issues.

Lab of Things Team