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Home Dashboard not detecting .NET Gadgeteer


I recently installed LabOfThings, and I wanted to connect my FEZ Spider (.NET Gadgeteer) to it.
On the "Getting Started with Lab Of Things" guide, there's a section that shows you how to connect the supported devices.
However, when I go on the Home Dashboard to the "Add Device" section, the device scanning doesn't recognize my FEZ Spider.

I'd appreciate help in the subject.


jamesscott wrote Aug 23, 2013 at 2:13 PM


Great to hear you are interested in building a custom Gadgeteer device for Lab Of Things! The best thing is to follow the example Gadgeteer devices found in the source folder $\Gadgeteer. There are two example devices there - a WindowCamera and MoistureSensor - which can provide templates for you to build other devices. Also, the core functionality to talk to the Hub, do the device association, etc, is split out into a reusable library HomeOSGadgeteerLibrary.

You will need a WiFi module at the very least to use Gadgeteer with Hub. If you plug in the USB connection in directly as you said in your question, then the Gadgeteer mainboard appears to the PC as a debuggable NETMF device that can be reprogrammed and debugged in realtime by Visual Studio, but this is not the same data connection as we have used to get HomeOS to talk to a running device. We focussed on using a wireless (wifi) connection for this since that is better for deployment of devices round a home than a wired connection.

Also, we are working hard on a Gadgeteer-focussed dev guide for LoT, to guide you through this process - I hope it will appear on CodePlex shortly - the next time we do a drop of the source code (since the guide relies on a few source updates). If you want an early copy, please email me at jws at microsoft dot com.


karmy wrote Sep 16, 2013 at 3:21 PM


Thank you very much for your help.
I found the problem was that my Firewall was on, and didn't let the Gadgeteer communicate with the Hub.
After disabling it, I was able to communicate the WindowCamera example with the HomeOS Dashboard, and get real-time data.

One thing I'd like to mention is that I didn't need to disconnect the device from my computer.
I'll keep working on related things, so I'll reach to you if I get stuck at any point.

Thanks you very much.