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HomeOS is the core client side component of the Lab of Things, allowing the interconnection of a number of diverse devices. These devices include IP cameras, Z-Wave sensors, the Kinect sensor, custom devices built using platforms such as Arduino and .NET Gadgeteer, and more. HomeOS has an extensible driver model, making the addition of new devices simple and straightforward. Additionally, Lab of Things provides sample code for all of its existing drivers, encouraging developers to learn from design patterns.

As a community-based research project, Lab of Things welcomes your contributions:

  • Notes on any device(s) you have used. Please feel free to update the wiki with your insights.
  • Apps and/or drivers for existing and new devices.
  • If you have developed drivers/apps for a new device, you can also add a new page for that device.

We have tested HomeOS with the following devices:

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