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When Lab of Things first launched the supported editions of Visual Studio were 2012 and 2013 for professional SKUs and up. Then, we extended support to the VS Express 2013 Windows Desktop edition several months ago.  Recently we have added support for VS2015 Community. Visual Studio 2015 Community is a free, full-featured and extensible tool for developers building non-enterprise applications.

Now you can use the VS 2015 Community edition on Windows 10 to build the Lab of Things solution. To get VS 2015 Community, go here.

However, there are a couple of steps you have to take to resolve a C++ build tool compatibility issue for two projects using unmanaged libraries.

1. Install Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015

During your VS 2015 installation process, you must install the Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015, as shown in the screenshot


(if you somehow missed this step, you can always go back to Program/Features in Control Panel, and re-configure Visual Studio to include the feature)

2. Upgrade VC++ Compiler for the WebCamLib project 

In the Solution Explorer, under Common\WebCam\, right click on WebCamLib project and select the Upgrade VC++ Compiler and Libraries option



4. Upgrade VC++ Compiler for SmartRecorder project

In the Solution Explorer, under Apps\CameraViewer\, right click on the SmartRecorder project and select the Upgrade VC++ Compiler and Libraries option



Note: After you’ve upgraded the SmartRecorder project, the .Net Target Framework Version for SmartRecorder is now set to v4.5.2 in the project Properties pages (right click on the project and go to Properties)



6. Change the framework target version for the SmartCam project to match SmartRecorder’s

Since the SmartCam sample app project references the SmartRecorder library, you will need to change the SmartCam project to target the same .Net Framework version as the SmartRecorder is targeted. You do this by

  • Right click on SmartCam project and select Properties
  • Select version 4.5.2 from the Target framework dropdown




7. Build the entire solution

Once you’ve gone through the steps above you should be able to build the solution without any issues.

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