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Lab of Things is a shared infrastructure designed to help researchers develop and evaluate technologies in the home environment. Lab of Things uses the HomeOS software system which provides a PC-like abstraction for connected devices, enabling researchers to deploy and monitor devices in a large number of geographically dispersed locations. Each household in a Lab of Things study runs HomeOS on a dedicated computer known as the Home Hub. The Home Hub interacts with the connected devices and hosts the applications needed for the study (or studies) in which the household is participating.

HomeOS supports several different types of devices including Z-Wave devices, IP cameras, and custom devices built using prototyping platforms such as .NET Gadgeteer and Arduino. The HomeOS platform can easily be extended by writing drivers to support new types of devices, and applications to introduce new capabilities. Lab of Things provides a common framework to write applications and has a set of capabilities beneficial to field deployments including logging application data to cloud storage, remote monitoring of system health, and remote updating of applications.

The Lab of Things documentation shows you how to set up a Home Hub, configure connected devices, and get set up for development. Included are many software abstractions which will help you to write your own custom device drivers and applications.


Operating Lab of Things

Getting Started with Lab of Things

Lab of Things Devices

Troubleshooting Guide

Lab of Things Glossary

Using Remote Access

Developing with Lab of Things

Configure a Development Environment

HomeOS Software Architecture

Z-Wave Driver for HomeOS 

Lab of Things Remote Management Portal

HomeOS Configuration Files

How to: Create a Scout

How to: Create a Driver

HomeOS Roles

How to: Create an App

Using Arduino with Lab of Things

Data Integration with Azure Services 

Using Azure Event Hubs & Stream Analytics with Lab of Things

Writing Data to Azure SQL using Azure Mobile Services 

Conducting Studies with Lab of Things

How to: Deploy a Study

How to: Store data using Bolt

How to: Remotely Update Home Hubs

Check out the videos on to see a series of videos on the development and setup of Lab of Things.

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